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2008 calendar templates
Printable 2008 Calendar
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Chinese calendar
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calendars around the world

The most widely used calendar in the world in the year 2008 is the Gregorian calendar. This calendar is the international standard and is used in most countries for civil purposes. Since it was decreed by Pope Gregory XIII in the year 1582 it has spread to non Christian countries like India and China. most free 2008 calendar templates, blank calendars and printable calendars are of this kind

India also has a national calendar, which is commonly named the Hindu Calendar. This calendar was introduced in 1957 in order to provide a standard for all of Indies provinces. Even so, many Indians in 2008 still use various traditional calenders as well. China also still uses a traditional 2008 calender, knows as the agricultural calender, side by side with common Gregorian calender.

In parts of Eastern Europe members of the Orthodox church use the Julian calendar. This calendar preceded the Gregorian and was used in the western world for 1,500 years.

In Iran and Afghanistan most use what is called the Persian calendar. Muslims around the world use the Islamic calendar. Ethiopia and Eritrea use the Ethiopic calendar as there principal system. In Thailand the years are based on the traditional Buddhist calendar, but the months and days are based on the Gregorian one.

The Jews also have there own calendar - the Hebrew calendar. In Israel the Gregorian calendar is used, but the Hebrew calendar is still used by the orthodox Jews. the national holidays in the Jewish state are also determined by the old traditional calendar.

Many other calendars are also used around the world for different purposes. some examples: The fiscal calendar, the astronomical year numbering system, as well as the Japanese, Irish,Tibetan, Assyrian and Armenian calendars. Its interesting to note that among the most widely searched calendars in 2008 are the Mayan calendar, Chinese calendar and Aztec calendar.Lets see what 2009 will bring.

Many of us still remember the days when calendars were bought or provided as advertisments by companies. But today, in the internet age, you can download free 2008 calendars and free calendar software with ease. A quick search will provide you with a wide selection of 2008 calendars - ranging from Chinese, Mayan and Aztec calendars, to pregnancy and ovulation calendars. and of course you can easily find the more conventional calendars, as well as free blank calendars, calendar templates and printable calendars.

2009 Calander
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